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Wales Cancer Trials Unit

The Wales Cancer Trials Unit is dedicated to improving clinical practice through quality research evidence.

The WCTU is a one stop shop for a clinical trial, from the basic idea, to producing reliable evidence to change practice.

The unit is accredited by the National Cancer Research Institute , registered with UK Clinical Research Collaboration .

We receive core funding from Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Who do we work with?

The WCTU, based in Cardiff, works with clinicians and investigators from across the UK working in any cancer specialty to develop trial ideas that are then run and coordinated by the WCTU.

What to do if you want us to run a study?

Call us. You will be put in touch with the appropriate scientific lead at the WCTU for your research topic, who will be happy to discuss your idea.

Who is on the WCTU team?

The WCTU is staffed by a range of experts including Statisticians, Clinicians, Qualitative Researchers, Trial Managers, Data Managers, IT / Programmers, Safety Officers and a Quality Assurance Manager.

How do we work?

Our staff work with oncologists, palliative care clinicians and research groups wishing to develop clinical trials or other well designed studies. Proposals for trials are submitted to an appropriate funder, e.g. Cancer Research UK, to consider for funding and if judged to be asking good scientific questions and designed well, it is likely that WCTU will be funded to run the trial. From this point the team at the WCTU will manage all trial procedures working closely with the lead researcher (Chief Investigator).

Requests for research data

The Centre For Trials Research (CTR) aims to make its research data available wherever possible, subject to regulatory approvals, any terms and conditions placed upon us from external providers, patient confidentiality and all laws concerning the protection of personal information. Data is generally freely available, but recipients are expected to acknowledge the original creators in any public use of the data or in publishing research results based wholly or in part upon the data – anyone requesting access to data will be asked to agree to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license ( We may ask the requestor to cover reasonable cost for preparing and providing the data (for example physical storage and postage, where dataset size makes it impractical to provide data by electronic means).

Requests for access to the Centre’s data should be e-mailed to for assessment, providing sufficient detail to uniquely identify the dataset sought and appropriate contact details for the requestor.

Our Trials

WCTU Trials that are currently open include;






WCTU Trials that are open or in follow up include;












WCTU Trials that are in set up include;








WCTU trials that are closed include;






*FOCUS 3 Qualitative



For more information regarding our trials please contact us.