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Research in the School of Medicine

Research in the School is focused on interdisciplinary themes. Each of these spans the spectrum from laboratory investigation to clinical practice, in hospital and community settings.

Our approach brings together people, knowledge and skills from a range of disciplines. This approach is the key to our research strength and achievements.

The School's research Institutes embody this philosophy. Their results are an indicator of its success.

Integration, innovation, engagement

Our research approach pursues basic research through to clinical outcomes, bridging the traditional gap between basic and applied science to accelerate healthcare developments.

  • TIME TIME complements research and teaching activity in the School, helping ensure that those activities most effectively contribute to patient benefit and social health.
  • SARTRE The Severnside Alliance for Translational Research (SARTRE) is a new partnership created between the Universities of Cardiff and Bristol to merge their efforts in translational research and to provide a focal point for interactions with the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry.

Research networks & interest groups

Research degrees

The School offers research degree opportunities in fields across the spectrum of medicine and medicine-related disciplines.

Postdoctoral development


  • Distortion of the Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I Binding Groove to Accommodate an Insulin-derived 10-Mer Peptide. J Biol Chem, Volume 290 July 2015 pp.18924-18933 Motozono C, Pearson JA, De Leenheer E, Rizkallah PJ, Beck K, Trimby A, Sewell AK, Wong FS, Cole DK
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  • "#discrimination": The Online Response to a Case of a Breastfeeding Mother Being Ejected from a UK Retail Premises Journal Of Human Lactation, Volume 2015 June 2015 Grant A

Research-related news & events



Central Biotechnology Services

A centrally-located service offering state-of-the-art technology, technical support and guidance.

Clinical Research Facility

A crucial facility for the translation of basic biomedical science developments into clinical practice.

Research Support & Administration

The Research Office provides expert support over a project's life-cycle, including information and guidance on research funding, training, policy, procedures, and strategy.

The Research Ethics Committee is responsible for the formal ethical review and approval of all research involving human participants, tissues or data.

Be a part of our work

Anyone can take part, by collaborating, by contributing expertise, resources or funding, or sponsoring a researcher, project or lab