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News archive for Cardiff Institute of Infection & Immunity

  • Successful year for South Wales Immunology Group 11th July 2014The South Wales regional group of the British Society for Immunology is looking back at another very successful year, with activities including the regular seminar series, the Jonathan Boulter Memorial Lecture, the Cancer Immunology Meetings and the Science Pub events.
  • Infection & Immunity Newsletter 2014 9th July 2014Second newsletter of the Cardiff Institute of Infection and Immunity, covering the period of 2013-2014
  • Intensive Care Foundation New Investigator Award 2014 8th July 2014Cardiff-based researchers receive a New Investigator Award by the Intensive Care Foundation
  • Royal visit 1st July 2014Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cornwall, has visited Cardiff University in her first engagement as Patron of Arthritis Research UK.
  • "Viromics": Decoding the major viral cause of birth defects 9th June 2014A study from researchers at Cardiff University has just been published in the leading science journal Cell that provides the most detailed picture to date of exactly what goes on when a virus infects a cell.
  • How a virus causing birth defects hides from the immune system 6th May 2014Experts in Infection and Immunity have made a new discovery that could help the development of a vaccine for a health-ravaging virus that affects around 50% of adults in the UK.
  • Major breakthrough unravels tissue macrophage specialisation 25th April 2014Studies conducted at Cardiff University by a team led by Professor Phil Taylor, and published this week in the prestigious journal Science, shed new light on how the cell type known as macrophages are programmed in tissues.
  • Triple success for Cardiff PhD student 25th April 2014Cardiff PhD Student Luke Davies has won a prestigious Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellowship to conduct collaborative studies between the National Institute of Health National Cancer Institute Laboratories in Frederick, Maryland, USA and Cardiff.