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Participate in Psychiatric Research

Research into mental health conditions is dependent on a strong relationship between scientists, clinicians, patients and their families.

Our work has been made possible with the generous help of people who suffer from the disorders we study. We are immensely grateful to all of those who have participated in our research over the past few years.

A message from Stephen Fry on participation in research

By choosing to assist [research into] one of the greatest problems facing human happiness you will have done your bit to help remove stigma, shame and hidden pain, as well as hastening the day when we all understand the operations of mind and brain a little better. Thank you so much on behalf of the untold millions you are helping.

Current opportunities for research participation

Bipolar Disorder Research Network

The Bipolar Disorder Research Network (BDRN) is a group of researchers and research participants in the UK undertaking a major study aimed at investigating the underlying causes of bipolar disorder.

SAGE (Studies of ADHD, Genes and Environment)

SAGE are currently undertaking a study of 1000 children with ADHD and their families, to understand more about the risks associated with the disorder and its effects.

Genetics of Learning Disability, Epilepsy & Cortical Malformations

We are a research group investigating the genetic causes and behavioural impact of a range of related brain disorders.

ECHO (Study of Experiences of Children with Velocardiofacial Syndrome)

This study aims to better understand this syndrome, by assessing the behaviour and psychological and intellectual functioning of children (aged 6-17) who have been diagnosed with VCFS.

Schizophrenia Research

Our research aims to investigate the causes of schizophrenia. It is hoped that by increasing our understanding of this developments may be made in the prevention and treatment of this debilitating disorder.

Healthy Control Research

The Schizophrenia research team are currently recruiting participants with no history of mental health problems in order to investigate the link between genes, cognitive performance, and mental illness.

Alzheimer’s Disease Research

We are part of a collaborative research group led by Professor Julie Williams at Cardiff University. The purpose of the study is to assess people with dementia over a period of time to see how their illness develops. This will help us to search for environmental, biological and genetic factors that influence the progression of dementia.

Wales Mental Health Network

The Wales Mental Health Network (WMHN) is a collection of volunteers, from across Wales, who are helping with mental health research. For more information or to join the network please visit: