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Arkestra is an intelligent, semantic web publishing system for institutions. It is flexible, modular and extensible, and has a rich set of automated publishing tools.

This website is powered by Arkestra, a suite of open-source applications designed to meet institutional web publishing requirements.

Arkestra was developed at Cardiff University School of Medicine to provide a platform for the School’s web presence.

Working for the School

Arkestra has made the work of web editors in the School of Medicine easier and faster. The School’s web presence has been greatly improved, and the effort required to support the site, and the editors who maintain it, has been substantially reduced.

The system is reliable and responsive, both for visitors and web editors.

Arkestra currently hosts around 10,000 pages. About 90% of these are published automatically, alongside 1300 manually-created pages featuring 7000 content plugins.

The system manages information about 1900 people in 2300 roles across 170 entities, along with 500 news articles and 700 events.

Site content is managed by a team of over 40 web editors.

Arkestra is open-source

Arkestra is free open-source software, and can be downloaded, used and modified to suit whatever purpose you find for it.